Ballon Decorating Secrets

Terms of Purchase

The material you are ordering consists of proprietary information and intellectual property specific to the field of balloon decorating, sold in digital (ebook) format, and is protected by International Copyright Law. It is sold for the personal use of the purchaser. No other use of this material is authorized or permissable. This material may not be republished, paraphrased, or used in any way in the creation or development of any derivitave work. This material may not be resold or redistributed. In purhcasing this ebook, you are purchasing a one-time personal use license of the book, which means that you are probibited from providing copies of this ebook to others. Violations will be pursued to the full extent of the law. In the interest of protecting the copyright on this informational product, and due to the administrative costs we incur associated with order processing, credit card processing, fraud screening, etc., all sale are final. Refunds are not permitted. Delivery of your ebook is guaranteed. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the ebook, or that the ebook file is damaged, the customer is responsible for notifying us via email, and we will prompty assist. We are grateful that fraudulent chargebacks are rare, but we take this issue seriously. Anyone who orders a product then attempts to do a chargeback will be reported to authorities in their local area. It is an abuse of your bank's chargeback process to use a chargeback to force a refund contrary to a merchant's policies. Be advised that if you proceed with your order and disregard our policies, and then attempt a chargeback through your bank in order to force a refund contrary to the terms and conditions stated herein, your bank will be fully advised of these terms of purchase, and your chargeback will be unsuccessful. Further, you will be responsible for any costs we incur in dealing with a chargeback, plus a service fee of $25 which we will collect via a collection agency if required. Fraudulent chargebacks will be turned over to a law enforcement or collection agency. These Terms of Purchase are legally binding. By proceeding with this purchase, you acknowledge that you accept, agree to, and comply with these Terms of Purchase. Do not proceed with your order if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions.


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